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Building Brands & Boosting Sales

Together we can build the perfect you brand, designed to connect with your target audience, leave a lasting impression and increase value of your business.

Does your brand speak your buyer’s language?

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Sometimes your brand and it’s message get lost in translation.

Every brand must be clear and consistent with it's communication to be heard amongst the chaos of the modern market place.

Working together I can facilitate you in the discovery of the core attributes that make your brand unique and valuable to your target audience.

We can then strategically translate these insights with confidence into the perfect visual identity. Providing your brand with a coherent voice that will put you in a position to win clients and keep them.


Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous
— Ralph Caplan


The Process

Using a well defined three stage process we will build consensus, surface insights and create the ideal brand identity to effectively connect people to your business and get you heard.

1: Discovery


Brand Position

Positioning is the foundation of your brand. We will define the attributes and gain insights into what makes your brand unique and valuable to your client base.


User Profiling

It's important we know who our ideal clients are. We will draw out what we consider the ideal user to assist us in creating an effective and consistent market presence/voice. 


Goal Definition

At it's core design alone can achieve three things; increase reach, increase revenue or increase business efficiency. Let’s prioritize our time and make sure we are hitting your goals.

2: Design


Visual Brand Identity

Your brand is the personality of your business. Collaboratively we will create a beautiful visual expression of this personality that speaks to your customers when you can't.



Consistant language is as important as consistent graphics. We will develop a messaging style that amplifies the most authentic voice for your brand.



Our customers come in to contact with our brand in a multitude of ways. Using all the information and guidelines we have built we will be able to create a range of assets to amplify and solidify your voice at every interaction.

3: Delivery



Whether we are releasing a new brand or updating an old one, launching our new identity and accompanying assets should be done efficiently and thoughtfully.



Now for the hard part, maintaining your brand. I will leave you with a set of brand guidelines and standards to assist you and your employees in retaining a consistent experience for your customers.



Together we can bring your project to life.

I know finding the right designer or consultant to trust with your brand isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Taking the time to pick a brand strategist that will support you and aligns with your priorities from the offset is always worth the extra effort.

You need more than a designer, you need a partner and hopefully I’m your man.

I take on projects and build relationships with people and businesses that have a mutual appreciation for thought, function, quality and purpose.

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